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Transcultural Exchange


Boston plays hosts to hundreds of artists, international curators, critics and artists-in-residency directors.

WHEN: October 10 - 13, 2013

WHERE: Boston University with attendant activities at the Boston Center for the Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, French Cultural Center of Boston and the Boston Architectural College.

WHY: Because the world is waking up to the little known secret that Boston has a fabulous art scene.

Most professionals - from doctors to lawyers to teachers - have conferences to share information, network and learn of the latest trends. Oddly, few exist to address practicing artists' needs. And, still fewer do so on a global scale. TransCultural Exchange's Conferences on International Opportunities in the Arts were created for this reason. Produced every other year, their main aim is to let artists know about the wealth of opportunities for them to participate, interact and work with their international peers. The Conferences bring together hundreds of artists with speakers from more than forty countries - curators, critics, gallery dealers and artist-in-residency directors. They are the ideal bridge from MFA programs to real world practice. Activities range from a performance by Laurie Anderson, tours of MIT's Art and Architecture program, a session hosted by the International Art Critics Association (AICA,), informal gatherings and panel discussions to portfolio reviews. Click here for the full Conference schedule.

With Boston University as this year's academic host, the bulk of the panels will take place at the school's George Sherman Union with other activities throughout Boston and Cambridge, including at MIT, Harvard University, the Boston Center for the Arts and Isabella Steward Gardner Museum. This year's theme Engaging Minds is meant to encourage artists not only to attend programs where they can become acquainted with other cultures and meet/work with their international peers, but also to address many artists’ growing desire to interact with other fields of study. Speakers, such as astronomer and Voyager team scientist Merav Opher, biomedical modeling inventor Crispin Weinberg, New York Times best-seller Reif Larson, cognitive interaction technologist Florian Grond and fashion designer Carla Fernandez have been invited to engage artists in their work - to inspire and serve as catalysts for new avenues of artistic exploration, new points of intersection, where barriers dissolve and alternate forms of understanding evolve. 

The legendary pioneer in performance and electronic music Laurie Anderson will serve as the Conference keynote speaker/performer. The winner of the 2010 German sound prize Florian Dombois will create a temporary public artwork for the occasion, which includes shooting a red laser through the Boston skyline; and, a showcase of Taiwanese new media works will be on view in Boston University's 808 Gallery. Also among the many speakers are Jean-Baptiste Joly, founder and director of Germany's Akademie Schloss Solitude; Ariene Koek, director of Collide@CERN’s artist-in-residency program; Laura Harrison, documentary film producer and president of the Bogliasco Foundation in Italy; Taylor Van Horne, founding director of Brazil's Instituto Sacatar; Andrei Siciodi, director of Austria's Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen; Margaret Shiu Tan, director of Taiwan's Bamboo Curtain residency; Raphael Cuir, the vice-president of AICA; Michael Schwab, editor of the Journal for Artistic Research; Gediminas and Nomeda Urbonas, Venice Biennale National Pavilion Prize winners (2007); Doris Sommer, founder of Harvard University's Cultural Agents; Marko Peljan, artist and coordinator of the Arctic Perspective Initiative; John Grande, co-curator with Peter Selz of Eco-Art at Finland's Pori Art Museum; and Zhang Ga, Consulting Curator of Media Art at the National Art Museum of China and Senior Researcher at the Media + Design Lab of EPFL | Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, among many others. (The full list of speakers with a brief biography of each is available here).

Boston will welcome the art world with former Governor Michael Dukakis speaking at the opening night reception, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, on October 11, 2013.

The regular registration period has closed, but a special incentive for artists under 35 is still available here. More information is also available on TransCultural Exchange’s website.


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