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Community Fabric


Christos Hamawi


Josiah Quincy School  


Josiah Quincy School
42 Shawmut Ave
Boston, MA
United States


Chinatown | Theater District






Mosaic Mural


Boston Public Schools


Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative | Edvestors | donations from the community


 "Community Fabric" © is a mosaic mural  comprised of 60 unique hand-cut glass tile panels and designed to simulate a stitched fabric quilt.  The mosaic "fabric" represents the stitching together of many different aspects of our community into one.  While diversity is a key theme of the mural, the core message is unity.  Christos completed several of the more complex mosaic panels in his studio and collaborated on the construction of the remaining panels with over 150 students from the Josiah Quincy Elementary School. Most students worked in teams, guided by Christos in the entire mosaic creation process, and taught about the history of mosaics.  Students followed a detailed design guide crafted by the artist and were challenged to interpret the designs and color schemes as closely as possible using the available mosaic materials.  Christos then combined all 60 panels together as one.

Quote from the artist:  “We need to continue to support arts education to help foster the artistic temperament that shapes and defines our culture, promotes peace and prosperity, enriches our community, and builds bridges of understanding around the world.  This mural is dedicated to all those that contribute their time, skills, and resources to help make our community stronger.”    -Christos Hamawi June 20, 2016

All photos were provided to us by the artist. 

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