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First Chair


Jacob Kulin


Symphony Park  


Symphony Park
39 Edgerly Road
Boston, MA
United States








Cor-ten steel and granite


City of Boston


George B. Henderson Fund | Berklee College of Music | Mike Meskin | Mission Hill/ Fenway Neighborhood Trust inc. | Euler-Abusheleih Family | The Hamilton Charitable Foundation | Boston Red Sox | and Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund


The art and landscape of the newly renovated Symphony Park takes inspiration from nearby Berklee and Symphony Hall, the artists Jacob Kulin worked with architect John Pate to respond the environment and enhance the space. "This sculpture is inspired by modern Scandinavian furniture design along with musical instrument shaped like a violin, cello, harp, and guitar,” Kulin notes. “Granite stone seating is built into the design as the sculpture takes on its form and composition through blending these inspirations.”

Symphony Park is a half-acre passive park created during Boston’s urban renewal efforts in the early 1970s and owned by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department. Located in a dense, vibrant and growing neighborhood, the park abuts senior housing and is close to a number of cultural and educational institutions including Symphony Hall, the Christian Science Plaza, and Berklee College of Music.

The Friends of Symphony Park spearheaded the art installation planning and fundraising, all construction efforts were coordinated through the Boston Parks and Recreation Department with review and approval of the art components by the Boston Art Commission.

Photos are courtesy of David Kurtis Photography

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