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Patterns of Diversity


Christos Hamawi


Josiah Quincy School and Community Center  


Josiah Quincy School and Community Center
885 Washington Street
Boston, MA
United States








Mixed media mosaic mural


BPS and BCYF collection


Edvestors and The Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion Initiative


"The vast diversity of our community, our city, and our nation is one of our greatest strengths. So much is gained by living, working, and learning in an environment that brings together people of all ages and from different cultural, social, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. These differences we each have enrich our collective experience and help shape our own unique identity here in Boston. This diversity plays a vital role in building bridges both here and around the world and promotes understanding, peace, and prosperity."  

-Christos Hamawi

The artist's inspiration for this project came about during a trip to Istanbul, Turkey in the summer of 2014. He noticed beautifully painted ceramic tiles, in the Iznik style, embedded along the walls and in the streets of the old Sultanahmet district. He shared images of these tiles and patterns with the students and faculty at the Josiah Quincy School and challenged them to come up with their own unique pattern to represent themselves. He trained 164 Boston Public School students and 10 Boston Public School Faculty Members in the art of painting and ceramics. He then carefully combined all the individual tiles and painted panels, along with his own designs, into this individual work titled 'Patterns of Diversity'.

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