Boston Art Commission

Finalists Ceruzzi & MurphyDaniel Clayman, and Beth Galston presented their proposals for the Kip Tiernan Memorial on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Their abbreviated proposals can be seen below. Based on these proposals, one artist/ team will be chosen to develop their design for the site on Dartmouth Street. Community involvement is vital to the creation of successful public art, and we value your feedback. If you have any comments that you would like to communicate to the selection committee about the deigns below, please email us at 


Kip Tiernan Memorial, Proposal by Ceruzzi & Murphy




Kip Tiernan Memorial, Proposal by Daniel Clayman




A Garden for Kip Tiernan, proposal by Beth Galston,

in collaboration with Bartek Konieczny





About the project:

The non-profit organization Rosie’s Place, in coordination with the Boston Art Commission, will be reviewing three proposals for a permanent commemorative installation at Dartmouth Street, between Newbury Street and Public Alley 440 in Boston, MA. The winning proposal will feature a site-specific piece of permanent public art that commemorates the life and work of Rosie’s Place founder Kip Tiernan. This is a particularly important commission as it will be one of the few works of public art in Boston dedicated to a woman and the only memorial specifically dedicated to an advocate for homeless people.

Ms. Tiernan’s goal was to transform society, together. While the overall objective of this competition is to commemorate Kip Tiernan, the winning proposal will also successfully address the theme of engagement. In In her book Urban Meditations, written with Fran Froehlich, Ms. Tiernan repeatedly states that we are accountable to, and for, each other, and that only in unity and solidarity, based on respect for the individual and the common good, will it be possible to achieve the solutions that are needed. Her memorial will create a compelling call to “endeavor to act justly,” in Ms. Tiernan’s words. Guiding principles for the project are elegance, sophistication, humility, empowerment, humor, respect, and dignity.


Fri, 2015-09-04