Boston Art Commission

Stop Telling Women to Smile

Artist: Tatyana Fazlailzadeh

Neighborhood: East Boston and Roxbury

Location: Harbor Arts in East Boston and Bartlett Yards in Roxbury  


Harbor Arts in East Boston and Bartlett Yards in Roxbury
2532 Washington Street
Boston, MA
United States

Medium: Wheatpaste posters

Time Frame: Friday, October 18, 2013 - Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Stop Telling Women to Smile is a public art series that addresses gender based street harassment. The work consists of drawn portraits of women who have told their stories of harassment, and wheat pasting those portraits as posters with captions that speak directly to offenders on outdoor walls. The artist will be bringing this project to the streets of Boston in mid October of 2013. 

During her time here, Fazlalizadeh will be interviewing local women about their experiences with street harassment. After photographing the chosen participants and drawing their portraits, Fazlalizadeh will strategically deploy these city-specific signs on the streets of Boston. These signs serve as a symbolic reclamation of public space as well as a declaration that women are not sexual objects for public consumption, but citizens worthy of respect.

Fazlailzadeh will be returning to Boston in the coming months to put up new posters in even more locations around Boston. As of now, her work can be seen in Central Square in Cambridge, at Harbor Arts in East Boston, and at Barlett Yards in Roxbury

To learn more about Tatyana Fazlailzadeh, visit her website at

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