Boston Art Commission

Mosaics in Tadpole Playground (2003)
Mark Cooper with children from Citizen's Elementary School
Back Bay, in Boston Common

Mission Statement of the Boston Art Commission

First assembled in 1890 the Boston Art Commission, an independent board of arts leaders charged with the care and custody of all artworks on City of Boston property, advocates for the creation of innovative and transformative art and promotes its accessibility to enrich the lives of Boston’s diverse citizens and visitors.

The Art Commission:

  • Advises through public forums, supports, and consults with artists and communities, City departments, and others;
  • Commissions artworks that excite, challenge, and inspire;
  • Approves proposals for art on City of Boston property that meet the Commission’s Criteria for Excellence;
  • And conserves the City of Boston’s collection of art and historical artifacts.

Criteria for Excellence 

The Boston Art Commission promotes innovative and transformative artworks that: 

  • Engage the community,
  • Enrich/ enliven the urban environment,
  • Are driven by a clear artistic vision,
  • Enhance the diversity of the existing collection,
  • Respond directly to their specific environment,
  • And possess durability appropriate to the lifespan of the work.

Boston Art Commission public meetings are held on the second Tuesday afternoon of each month.

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